So do you do these things too?

So here we are. So as a parent I seem to have shortened everything to make it sound more…fun? I don’t even know. Everything has a nickname or a different name?!

So here’s just a few…

-Bottle is now Bot- Bot or Yum Yums

-Bath is Spilsh Splash

-Horses are now Neigh Neighs

-Pooping is, have you gone doo-doo???

-Nappy is a Nap nap

-Napping or sleeping is a bit of everything, Night nights, Snoozie, if he’s tired he’s not tired, he’s Tie-tie

-Going in the car is going in the Broom-broom

What happened to the English language?! We seem to have created a whole new language. Does anyone else do this or are we just really weird parents? Also everything is usually in song, high pitched, full on random singing. We dance everywhere, and clap to everythingggg. Our life seems to have become a very weird musical.

I’ve made more animal noises in the last 5 months than i have in my entire life. Peakaboo has become a whole new level of fun. Your life just kind of goes a bit…different? But I wouldn’t have it any other way. My favourite thing in the world is to make Arthur smile. His laugh is infectious. He’s chatty and playful. He’s my best friend.

It’s weird because I guess one day we’ll do all these things for the last time and we won’t even realise it.

So this was a slightly different post. Hopefully it made someone smile. Stay tuned for the next one peeps.

Love, Kate. X

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