So maybe don’t say these things to a pregnant lady…

So there I was. Super huge during pregnancy, first time going through it and super anxious about, well, everything! I thought I would talk about some things that were said to me during pregnancy. So I made 2 lists. The first one is to 10 things you probably shouldn’t say to a pregnant lady. (please note these things were said to me in a totally harmless way and were never meant to offend and they didn’t. This post is meant in a humorous way. :))

1. Are you sure your not having twins?!

– Life isn’t really like FRIENDS. You know when Erica is having twins and she thinks their taking about her heartbeat and the babies? Yeah no that doesn’t happen very often haha. I think most people know how many babies their having. Although I was so big that sometimes I did doubt myself once or twice!

2. You’re huge!

– Yes thank you, because I cannot see myself how large I am, thank you for reminding me haha.

3. You look like your going to pop!

– Pop is kinda of a scary word to say to a pregnant lady…you don’t want to pop when your pregnant!

4. Are you sure they haven’t got your due date wrong?!

– Again this doesn’t happen very often I don’t think?! I think going to labour needs to be the least surprising experience so they try to be pretty accurate here haha.

5. Think of the stretch marks your going to have!

– Thanks a bunch! (Have the bio oil ready though haha.)

6. Good luck with the birth! Mine was awful…

– Maybe try not to scare people…

7. You don’t know what your letting yourself in for!

– Whoever says this is definitely babysitting!

8. Say goodbye to sleep!

– Okay this is very true, but it does come back…eventually haha.

9. You’ll never stop worrying for the next 18 years

– Alright let’s try and not start the worrying earlier than necessary!

10. Your body will never be the same!

– Yeah but it did house a tiny human for 9 months and then got them evicted so it’s pretty understandable haha.

Instead totally feed them, tell them how pretty they are and help them paint their toes if they want to. 🙂

Tried to do a lighthearted post and hopefully brought a smile to someone. Stay tuned peeps.

Love, Kate x

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